If you have the expertise and time, we can supply you the Exclaimer subscription along with credentials that allow you to use all the tools inside the Exclaimer system. You can design your own signatures, rules, configure settings and much more.

If you need assistance, PS Tech are just a phone call away.


This is our most popular offering. As part of your low monthly cost for Exclaimer, PS Tech will:

  • Design your 1st signature(s)
  • Connect Exclaimer to your Microsoft 365 or GSuite tenant and configure as required
  • Create the necessary rules for signatures to apply as you need
  • Provide full support in getting your Exclaimer signatures working for all users across all devices where special configuration is required
  • Give you 4 edits to your signatures per annum. These edits can be design changes, completely new signatures, special signatures for events, promotions etc.