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Office 365 Licensing / Subscriptions

There are various licenses and subscriptions within Microsoft Office 365 to suit your requirements and budget.

To determine whether you need a Business or Enterprise license plan think about the number of users you have and the services you need. The Business plans are for businesses up to 300 users, whereas the Enterprise plans can scale from just 1 user upwards.

Do you need Cloud based tools for every user? or, do you need just the Office desktop software? or, do you need more advanced storage and legal/compliance functions?

PS Tech can supply all of your Microsoft Office 365 licensing / subscription requirements. We can offer discounts to businesses for larger quantities, and even free subscriptions for registered charities.

All plans are available on a monthly or annual payment scheme, and we don’t penalise you for paying monthly. Plans can be adjusted mid-term without penalty, but all plans are subject to a 12 month minimum term. We accept payment for subscriptions by credit / debit card, direct debit and on invoice terms for approved business customers. Please call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations, or click here to setup a free 30 day Office 365 Business Premium Trial

Below is a comparison of Microsoft’s Business Plans and Enterprise Plans to help you decide.

Business Plans

Enterprise Plans