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Bundled IT plan for up to 5 users with FREE setup

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Micro Business Plans

Our Micro Business IT Plans aim to offer businesses up to 5 users with IT services that cover the 4 cornerstones of any robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan… IT Support, Data Backup, Anti-Virus and System Patching (Plus Plan only).

The IT Support element includes a modest fixed amount of time each month to deal with issues you have, giving you peace of mind and an expert to speak to. We also include each month as part of the IT Support element, free services, ensuring you get best value from your monthly plan.

Data Backup is provided courtesy of our own Pro Backup Business solution. Data is backed up regularly throughout the day to a secure cloud location, protecting your business against Data Loss. This service is monitored to ensure your systems remain protected.

Anti-Virus is included for your computers, meaning you you do not have to worry about renewing another solution annually. Our solution is a fully managed system, meaning we can alert you to issues.

Our Micro Business Plus Plan also includes Software Patching. Most malware or phishing attacks are successful because software is not kept up to date, and security vulnerabilities are not patched when they should be. PS Tech will take care of this for you, routinely patching your Microsoft software and other key applications you use on a day to day basis (e.g. browsers, PDF readers, etc.), reducing the possibility of a successful infection.

Additional services can be layered onto your monthly bill such as your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Office 365 backup, Email Security, Enhanced System Protection, Web Filtering and Protection, regular On-Site visits etc. if required.

Here is a break down of our plans:

Basic plan monthly cost:
Plus plan monthly cost:
Basic plan monthly cost:
Plus plan monthly cost:
* Managed Anti-Virus – Basic plan allows for installation on 1 device per user up to maximum of 5 users, Plus plan allows for 2 devices per user up to a maximum of 10 devices for 5 users
User account is based on users in business using computers / Office 365 accounts
This is a monthly service. Prices exclude VAT at the standard rate of 20%. Payment is by monthly Direct Debit, or regular debit/credit card charge. Terms and conditions apply

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