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If you are looking for reliable, fast and professional Business IT Support in Bromley and the surrounding area, please contact PS Tech. We have been serving local businesses in your area for over 25 years, since 1991.

Our office local to you, is located in Edenbridge, just the other side of Biggin Hill.

PS Tech can provide Business IT Support, Microsoft Office 365, Server and Network Support, at your premises in Bromley, or over the phone. We are a leading supplier of IT Support services for businesses in your area.

No problem is too small, or project too large. Call us on 0203 588 2211 to see how we can help you today. Alternatively, use our contact page to contact us electronically, or use the Chat facility at the bottom of this page.

Facts About Bromley

Bromley is a the large principal town in the South London Borough of Bromley. In the 2011 census the population was over 300,000. It is a diverse and well educated area.

Bromley is famous for being the birth town of H. G. Wells, the prolific Sci-Fi author of his era. Born in 1866, some of his notable works include The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds.

Served by 2 rail stations, Bromley is an attractive location to live and work in, and also as a commuter hub. In 2016, Bromley was listed first in a list of the most desirable locations in London based on value for money. House prices and average incomes were taken account of, as well as the overall quality of life.

PS Tech are located just a few miles from Bromley, just South of Biggin Hill in Edenbridge. We support numerous businesses in the area with their Business IT requirements. Our ‘out of London’ base means our rates are less than the alternatives located more centrally in Bromley. Drop us a call for your Business IT Support needs.