Co-managed IT services

An extra pair of hands for your IT team.

Why are co-managed IT services becoming so popular?

Because they make good business sense. When you combine two pools of talent, you create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s an easy way to achieve business agility. By partnering IT staff with our expert team, your business stays ahead of the digital curve.

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“We are always impressed by the prompt response we get from the team at PS Tech, who all know our preferences and help us through with any technical issues we may come across and treat all of us here with professionalism and understanding.”


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PS Tech partner with your team to support your IT operations when you need a helping hand. Working together you gain access to our team of IT experts – call upon them anytime. The ideal solution to complement your existing IT to create your own IT powerhouse. Book an online consultation to get started.

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The partnership can take multiple forms, based on what your business needs.

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Cost savings

It bridges skills gaps without expensive in-house training or contractor fees.

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Easy to budget

A straightforward, fixed monthly payment with no hidden costs.

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Scale up at short notice with specialist expertise, affordably and quickly.

How does co-managed IT work?

It’s a partnership, delivered under a fixed term agreement. We work hand-in-hand with your IT department towards common, clearly defined goals. 

Call us in to provide additional expertise where needed – from mundane yet essential tasks, to the more specialised projects which need defined skills.  

At an affordable monthly cost, with no hidden charges, you get several extra pairs of expert hands with our co-managed IT services.

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“Extremely high standard of personal service over many years.”


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Why PS Tech for co-managed IT services?

Our IT experts can work at both ends of the spectrum – from everyday time-consuming tasks to highly complex projects.

It can be anything tech-based – computer imaging, server and network upgrades, end-to-end staff onboarding and offboarding, asset management, helpdesk support, Microsoft 365 migration, VoIP phone systems, assisting with digital transformation…

We have a wealth of knowledge, and we’re happy to share it with your tech team.

This is a collaboration, and the result is greater productivity. Our co-managed IT services makes their jobs easier, and helps your IT team function at its best.

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