Hardware or software related repairs

PS Tech started life as a computer repair company. As such we have a lot of experience repairing many brands of computer.

Our service is simple . . .

Arrange for your computer to be examined at our workshop (we can arrange collection, or you can)


We will provide you a diagnosis of the problem, costing you just £32.00 + VAT


If you choose to proceed with our work/quote, we will waive the £32.00 + VAT fee


If you choose not to proceed, we can help you with a computer replacement, or a strategy to get your data off the failed computer


The computer will be repaired to our high standards, and collection or return arranged

Common problems we see and successfully resolve include:

Failed hard disks – We can attempt data recovery, replace or upgrade the disk, and recover your computer to a working state

Non-starting computer – A failed update, or corrupt file system can render your computer dead. We can use our experience to resolve this issue for you.

Virus / Malware – We often see computers with malware infections which cause system instability, frequent shut downs, pop-up adverts or worse, data loss. We have experience in removing such problems, or providing a strategy if a successful clean is not possible.

Upgrades – People want faster computers! Why replace when you can upgrade for less. Common upgrades include RAM (Memory), Faster storage (Sold State Drive SSD), Windows/Mac OS upgrades and more

Battery / Charger replacements – Laptop batteries don’t last forever. We can provide genuine, or compatible replacement batteries and chargers

and much more . . . 

Please call us with your requirements or queries.