All inclusive, cost effective business IT support

All Your IT Requirements Together in a Simple Per Month Cost

Our Monthly IT Support Plans are a great way to have all of your IT requirements looked after for a simple per user per month cost. These are Managed Service Plans, incorporating key services that you may want to outsource to us for support and management.

Just choose a plan, and we’ll do the rest!

These plans all offer unlimited remote IT support time¹ providing support of your systems.

See below for a detailed comparison of our Monthly IT Support Plans:


Great for small businesses

  • Unlimited¹ reactive support requests / incidents per month for included hardware / software
  • Log support requests / incidents by phone, email & web chat
  • Log and manage support requests / incidents via Online Portal
  • Our standard Service Level Agreement
  • Secure remote control of all your computers and servers
  • Account manager to handle queries, provide quotes and escalate issues
  • Weekly checks² of your backup logs and remediation
  • Weekly checks² of your security (Anti Virus) logs and remediation
  • Configure devices to install automatic updates from Microsoft
  • Changes to user accounts included (add, remove or change user accounts / O365 / other Email)
  • Management of your software licensing and SAAS subscriptions
  • 10% discount on our on-site rates


Proactive support

  • As Essentials, plus:
  • Proactive real-time monitoring of your network and Servers plus daily PC/Mac health checks
  • Managed Anti Virus for each desktop/laptop computer (Windows and Mac)
  • Advanced security software from Sophos for each included Server
  • Proactive weekly check and installation of available critical patches. Includes Microsoft and supported 3rd party Apps
  • Monthly check and installation of non-critical patches (desktop & server). Includes Microsoft and supported 3rd party Apps
  • Daily checks of your backup logs² and remediation. 6-monthly tests of your backups
  • Broadband management (Liaise with ISP to resolve issues)
  • Domain management (Update DNS records as needed. Free domain renewal service if required)
  • Install minor updates to existing applications across devices/servers
  • 15% discount on our on-site rates


All inclusive

  • As Pro, plus:
  • Full outsourced IT department function
  • 200Gb Cloud Backup for each server (low cost larger plans available)
  • Asset management and reporting (Hardware, Software, Subscriptions)
  • Install new applications and major upgrades to existing applications across devices/servers
  • Mobile device management
  • Outsourced on-boarding and off-boarding service for your new starters and leavers. Includes build/setup of new equipment³ for users (desktops/laptops/mobile devices)
  • Re-image existing equipment³ as needed to solve issues
  • 20% discount on our on-site rates


1. Unlimited support is offered remotely only, and on a best effort basis. Sometimes we need to provide an alternate solution rather than spend excessive valuable time on a problem.

2. Weekly and Daily checks of backup and security software is on the basis that logs can be forwarded to us by email, checked via an accessible portal, or checked as a supported product by our Monitoring & Control Tool.

3. Setup of new equipment, and re-imaging of existing equipment is subject to the equipment being supplied by PS Tech, or deemed supportable at the time of the incident/need.