Our Help Desk is located at our office in Sussex. Technicians are available during business hours to answer queries and IT incidents. Priorities are set to ensure that serious outages or problems are dealt with efficiently. Whenever you or your staff contact us, your queries and our responses are logged and can be tracked by yourself via our flexible online client portal. 

You can contact our Help Desk via telephone, e-mail, online chat or complete an online form.

This service is included in all of our Business IT Support plans.

Some highlights from our Help Desk performance include:

  • All phone calls answered within 15 seconds
  • 98% of emailed support requests responded to in less than 15 minutes




PS Tech can provide an out of hours, English speaking help desk service to your travelling users or to your global offices. This is a first line support service, supporting major operating systems and office suites, mobile devices, peripheral support and more.

Cover can be based on:

  • week day out of UK hours
  • weekend cover
  • full 24/7 cover.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirement, and we can tailor a solution and price to suit your requirements.


Why wait for an engineer to visit? Our help desk IT technicians are available to securely control your end user’s computers to expedite the resolution of IT issues. This service saves your business time and money.

So long as your user has internet connectivity, we can connect securely. This service is included as standard with all of our support plans.


There is no substitute to a local, on-the-ground technical person to handle your users IT and technology needs, and handle those more delicate issues requiring experienced oversight and hands-on support.

Support plans can include regular weekly, monthly or quarterly visits by one of our experienced IT professionals. Our regular visits come highly recommended by clients who use this service as part of their IT Support strategy. It also gives a face to the IT team that your users depend on, helping to build trust and managing expectations between your users and our team.

Alternatively, we can supply a permanent person on-site to provide support, manage your systems, and advise you appropriately. If your in-house team have resource issues due to holiday, sickness, bereavement, no problem, just drop us a call! A resource can even be supplied long term as required. If you have a need, but don’t want the commitment of a full employee, we can provide a resource that we share as needed that is based at your offices.

This service can be provided to any businesses in the South East of England, and any London businesses.


Your servers, computers and network devices need careful monitoring to ensure potential issues are dealt with before they become problems that affect people and productivity.

Our Help Desk will continuously monitor key aspects of your networks health, patch your systems as needed and ensure backups and security systems are optimal.

This service works for businesses of all sizes and in the modern era of cyber threats, is highly recommended.

Please contact us to discuss how we can offer a proactive service to your business, or look at our Pro and Premium Monthly IT Support Plans for more information.


Our Monthly IT Support Plans include our virtual IT Manager service.

Work with us to plan for starters and leavers, manage your license renewals and subscriptions, understand your warranty expirations and hardware maintenance, develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, and budget for your future IT spend. PS Tech will work with you as if we were your in-house IT Manager.

Speak to us to see how we can take the headache out of managing your IT provision on a day to day basis.


In addition to, or instead of our regular IT Support visits and 24/7 Monitoring, we can arrange for one-off or regular health checks of your network. These can be on-site or dealt with remotely. An experienced IT professional will initially put together a document detailing the major elements of your systems, and then key areas will be checked for possible issues. Servers, PC/Mac systems, storage, backups and more are audited. We can then advise you what needs to be fixed, make recommendations to improve security and reliability, and work with you in delivering what you choose to implement.

This service is ideal for the business who want to control how they systems are maintained, and want keep costs as low as possible.


With so many products, solutions, ideas and even opinions, PS Tech have a straight forward and professional approach to suggesting options.

If you are planning upgrades, business expansion or looking to lower costs, PS Tech have the experience to help.

For larger projects, PS Tech can offer PRINCE2 qualified project managers to work with you to deliver your project on time and on budget.