The use of Microsoft Teams has exploded over the last couple of years. The need for everybody to work from home definitely contributed to that but it’s popularity certainly isn’t waning. According to Microsoft more than 270 million people rely on Teams for hybrid work.

Existing features

collaboration with people inside and outside your organisation. Chat, file share, work on projects together and create instantly or schedule in advance online meetings. All this makes it easy to work together in real time.

Live chat transcriptions make meetings more inclusive allowing people to follow the audio live.

New features coming to Teams

With Teams Phone you can make and receive calls, giving you one number for your desk phone and your mobile, no matter what network or device you’re on.

Industry leading security and compliance offerings means you can meet your organisational requirements. Data encryption for meetings, chats, calls and files means you can collaborate with confidence.

All in all Microsoft Teams is a massively important tool for many businesses now and many wouldn’t know how to go back to being without it. It’s also a logical solution for collaboration and for keeping your team connected as it’s part of the Microsoft 365 package.

Microsoft’s commitment to constantly improve Teams is also seen by the improvements and new features that help us to be more productive and less distracted. Some of the recent features are:

  • Virtual whiteboard, making it easier to bat ideas back and forth during your video meeting
  • A new and improved feature allowing you to pin chats to the top of your list
  • Filter messages more easily
  • Change your view to allow you to focus on just the task you are working on

New features coming to Microsoft Teams

We’ve already discussed at a very high level, some of the features available. In this post we wanted to let you know about three more coming your way.

  1. From later this month you will be able to rename a Teams channel which will then automatically change the corresponding SharePoint folder. This will help keep things more organised and save you time hunting for the correct folder.
  2. A new Chat-with-Self feature is due to be released in June allowing you to send notes, messages, files and images to yourself.
  3. Finally, Teams calls made from your browser will now have the same experience and features as calls made in the Teams app.

You can be assured of many more new features and updates throughout the year to improve productivity and collaboration.

If you want to start using Teams or need help customising it for your business, please drop us a call or click the button below to find out more.

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