I think everyone is aware of the fact that production and supply of many products has been badly affected over the past couple of years for multiple reasons.

One item affected is computer chips, but this in turn means a lot of items being in short supply since chips are in everything nowadays, from your car to your fridge.

It’s true that for the most part the shortage may not have a huge impact on us individually, (although your wallet may say otherwise) but what does it mean for your business?

It’s likely to mean that planning ahead is essential to avoid disruption to your business. Whether you are looking for tech replacements and upgrades or increased growth, it now requires more forward thinking. Technology that you could at one time get hold of quickly, even in large numbers, may now take longer due to the short supply. Some items are currently harder than others to get hold of, for example the all-important network switches.

To make matters worse the shortage could go on for a while yet, so please plan ahead.

To keep on track with your plans we can provide help and advice on what you might need to order and when. Give us a call on 01732 243100 or send us a message.

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