Are you a someone that never shuts down a browser window? You end up with 15, 20 or more tabs open at one time and then find it impossible to locate the one you were looking for. Yes, it’s not great for productivity. Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, you still continue. Sound familiar? Well, if it does there could be a new feature coming very soon to Microsoft Edge that’s just for you.

It’s called Workspaces and was originally revealed back in April 2021. Then all went quiet and we assumed it was scrapped. However, a preview build of Edge that’s just become available to developers includes the Workspaces feature. So, for now at least, it looks like it could become available to all very soon.

Free yourself from too many tabs

How does Workspaces work?

So how does Workspaces help you tidy your tabs? It allows you to group together browser tabs and open or close groups with a click. You could create a group for work and personal related tabs for example, or group tabs based on different projects you are working on. You can even name and colour code the groups to make them easier to identify.

And when you close and reopen Edge all your tabs will still be there in their Workspaces waiting for you to continue. They will only disappear if you delete the Workspace they are sitting in.

Chrome’s equivalent

Sadly, there is no release date for Workspaces as yet, but if you like the sound of this and you use Google’s Chrome browser, there is already a similar feature. Google calls it Tab Groups. Right click on a tab and select ‘Add tab to new group’. Again, you can name and colour code your groups.

A simple way to keep tabs tidy, improve your productivity… and stress levels.

There are so many tools out there to help boost productivity. If there is something in your day to day use of IT that’s slowing you down or you feel could be improved with the right tools but you don’t know how, with what or where to begin, get in touch. We’d love to help.

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