Cyber criminals are always working at new ways to trick users into entering sensitive information or clicking a dangerous link. And guess what…. There’s a new one to make you aware of.

It all begins at your websites contact form. Cyber criminals pose as a potential new customer, requesting a quote for goods or services. You reply via email to their request. They in turn respond to you with something they say is relevant to the conversation.

They send you a file, but do not attach it to the email. Your email protection would block it. Instead they send it via a file transfer service such as WeTransfer. This service allows users to send large files that cannot be sent via standard email.

The new cyber attack explained

As the person engaging in conversation with a potential new customer its easy to start trusting this person and willingly open the files without even thinking. You want a sale. This person came to you via your websites contact form. It’s this natural way of thinking that the criminals use to their advantage.

On opening the file the cyber criminals now have remote access to your device. A malware or ransomware attack is just moments away.

This attack is increasing in popularity among cyber criminals and it’s important to make your team aware. Do your research to make sure requests are legitimate. Never open files unless you trust the source 100%.

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